Saturday, September 24


Ok, why is it that christians say that thye don't listen to seclure music and yet they know every word to the songs. it really gets me when people start singing to the song and u ask them if they know what it means and they say no. for all they know they are singing to a song about someone having sex. then u get the responds that are "oh, i just like the beat." it doesn't matter if u like the beat or not u are still listening to the song which then the words are getting inside ur head. i am not just preaching to everyone except me. i have been caught up in the moment once in awhile. why do we keep on doing it though. leave a comment or email me and tell me what u think.

leightons heart

My cousin needs a life saving heart transplant.You can get more information at
Leighton is only five years old and has the same heart disease that has already killed two of his brothers. My mom is raising donations. Tell me what you think of her website.


Is anyone gonna post anything or what? Tell as much people as possible about this so we can really get it going.

here we go again

So. It's my understanding that we're supposed to learn things that give us wisdom. So I heard this saying yesterday. The ignorant despise what is precious only because they don't understand it. I think this is totally true. But for you to understand the concept, you have to understand what is precious to you. I think that's why I don't understand god. Well, thanks for the time. PEACE

Sunday, September 18

Posting on this site!!

If you haven't received an "invitation" email from's because I don't have your email address to send you one! Shoot me your current address, and I can get you set up to post on the blog! ( :-)

Thursday, September 8

Check out Pastor Al's Blog!

Hey you guys! As promised, Pastor Al has put up some pictures of our ministry time last night! Check it out at
Go to school on purpose today!! :-)

Wednesday, September 7

Here We Go!!!

Hey you guys! Let's hear some stories of the VISION God has placed in your lives tonight and as you take this mission to the streets! Something God has been working on in my life was reaffirmed tonight....that I can not share something with others that I have not experienced myself - meaning, I can't take things like TRUE intimacy with Christ to the lost people that God has placed in my life - until I experience intimacy with him personally! The beautiful thing is we have all experienced His SALVATION - so we have something to share! I just desire to go deeper, to really know Him - so that I can make Him known to others! I don't just want to tell other people about Jesus - I want other people to experience Him in a real way! Anyway....anyone else? Let's open up and let God lead us in ways only He can! Who knows...maybe someone else's vision works perfectly with yours - and they just needed to see your piece of the puzzle to step out in faith! Love you guys - keep seeking Him passionately!!