Friday, March 17

prayer request

hey there~

just got a call from my mom and a good family friend was involved in a car accident last night. his name is heath, i used to babysit him for years, he's not supposed to be old enough to's crazy! he was flight-for-lifed to greeley (the closest big hospital to my hometown) over night. he has broken his pelvis in numerous places, broken his jaw, and torn his liver among other more minor things. they are also watching for brain swelling.

please pray for his COMPLETE and MIRACULOUS HEALING. also pray for his family (mike, mary, abby, anne, heather, and anthony) as they go through this. they are an amazing family, and will run to God in the midst of this. pray that His love will surround them and give them peace - that they will praise Him in the midst of this storm.

thanks warriors!


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