Tuesday, December 20

The End

No you guys, no message about the end of the world, yet. No, I'm not done writting things either. Just wait.

The End

So ya'll think my rhymes is sweet
But what's gonna happen when I get beat
Just knowin' I'll get knocked down
Still bring these words to you from the crown

Sittin here, they just come to me
If it wasn't for this you would not see
It's got a message just like The Passion
Since my party days when I was still stashin'

Away from all of my friends
Like a rope has two ends
One's secure with a peice of metal
Cause we got God, so we can settle

Down, take a nap for a while
All I wanna do is to see you smile
Don't eva wanna see you mad
He'll walk beside and guide you like a dad.

He'll help you out
Through thick and thin
The only one
Who can free you from sin

Sent his
One and only son
Who died on the cross
Now we can have fun

With the life
Renewed for us
The last thing
you should do is fuss

Claim him as
Cause with him
You don't need another

Thank you.

Chronicles of Narnia

OK I was watching the Lion witch and the Wardrobe when it hit me. Asland represents God and the witch is the devil. And Asland made the ultimate sacrafice just like Jesus.

Friday, December 16


YO YO YO!!! What up my brethren? Not much here. Just thought I'd see what everybody does at school as far as extra-curricular activities. I, as some of you may know, am in the Jefferson Orchestra. We rock. We got a dance coming up and if anyone wants to go, the price is 10 dolla's a ticket. There will be us, the jazz band, the swing band, and some of the teachers get together and play too. However, there will be a lot of old people there because it's open to the public. But we have a great time with each other. Oh yeah, post a comment or another post about what you like to do.

Thursday, December 15


Hey you guys. Robin asked me to post that we're having rec-night this sunday. We'll be going caroling at the local "old folks" homes. Sorry, I forget what they're called. So, be sure to be there cause yu know it's gonna be a good time. Duh, like, when isn't it. OK thanks

Wednesday, December 14

New Movie

There's a new movie in theaters that's called The Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe.I wanted to know if any body's seen it yet?

Tuesday, December 13

Never Let Me Down

We are all here for a reason or a particular path
You don't need a ciriculum to know that you're a part of the math
Cats think I'm delirious
But I'm oh so serious

That's why I expose my soul to the globe the world
I'm trying to make it better for these little boys and girls
I'm not just another individual
My spirit is a part of this, that's why I get spiritual

But I get my hymns from him
So it's not me,it's he who's lyrical
I'm not a mirical
I'm a heaven sent instrument

My rhythmatic regiment navigates melodic notes to your soul and your mental
That's why I'm instrumental
Virations is what I'm into
Yeah I need my loot by rent day

But that ain't what gives me the heart of Kunta Kentay
I'm tryin to give us us free like Sinkay
I can't stop
That's why I'm hot

Determination, Dedication, Motivation
I'm talkin to you my many inspiration
Why I say I can't let you or self down
If I'm on the highest cliff

On the highest riff
And you slipped off the side and clinched onto your life in my grip
I would never, ever let you down
And when these words are found

Let it be known that GODs' penmanship
Has ben signed with a loved
That's why my breath is felt by the deaf
And why my word are heard and confined to the ears of the blind

I too dream in color and in rhyme
So I guess I'm one of a kind
In a full house
Cause whenever I open my heart, my soul, or my mouth

A touch of GOD-reigns-out

Thanks a lot to read these you guys
It really means a lot to me
See you tomorrow

Monday, December 12


Ok, heres another one. For about two months, I've just been writting down whatever comes to me. It's not a lot, but it's something.ok, here we go on another magical trip.

Is life? The beating of a heart?
Remembering good times, now we're apart?
He-She-We,us Them
Do it again?
They-Today?Maby tomorrow?
Next time there's sorrow?

You wanna play the game?
Cause nobody realizes
when your mind downsizes
What you feel
Ain't it real
black or WHITE
Love or fight

To the pastor
i need it faster
the answer to the question
whats left
is there a right
but first of all
What is LIFE?


Saturday, December 10

Down Time

Hey guys!!
I was a little bored this afternoon...(or was that procrastinating...not sure)...Anyway - I started looking at my friends' away messages on AIM...here are a few of them:

"not sure how much longer i can keep doing this...sort of just want a hug and for it to all be done"

"I ain't got nobody that I can depend on."

"i'm not searching for the answers, i'm just searching for the truth"

"i wish my life didn't depend on this final"

So, I'm reading these and God just HIT ME with the realization of how people are just searching for Jesus - and many don't even know that it's Him they are searching for.

Kind of exciting to know that we have the answer, huh?! We found mercy - let's spread it to the world!!

ps...lovin' the rhymes Charlie! :-)

First time contributor

Hey guys,

This is Jake Johnson.
We had a snowday for the first time that I've been to my school. It was awesome. How about you guys?
Last night, I finally put aside my pride last night and fell facedown in God's presence. I prayed for an hour and a half. It's about time that God receive a decent piece of my time. I felt an amazing amount of peace after I finished. It was a great first step. I just need to be faithful in doing it regularly.

Rock on Charles!

-Jake the Thug


Ok this is not suppoused to be a poem or a song, but I have written it for you guys and for myself.

Right here,Right now
Art Thou
A part of this
Ain't it bliss
When we're all here
Cause it's near

The end times
That's why I write these rhymes
For all my friends and family
Shout out to my girl Emily
An even bigger one to my main man Matt
He's just got a way to put it down like that

To all my peeps in the BCLC
I know it's hard to be here every
Wednesday and Sunday
but you gotta admitt its bound to be a fun day

We do youth group,rec-nights,lock-ins, and missions trips
We're always there for one another, when the other slips
So I'll wrap up these rhymes, for i know they're God given
By thankin' Jesus Christ because of him I'm still livin'

Thanks for your time.