Thursday, March 2

Miss Tammy Rubright!!

Hi friends!!
Many of you will remember a couple of Wednesdays back when Tammy told us about the mission trip she is going on over Spring Break. I want to encourage you each to think about giving to help support her in this! She isn't headed some place tropical for the typical Spring Break...she's going to be going about the FATHER'S business during her break! How cool is that - AND, you can help by financially supporting her! If everyone in our youth group gave just $5 she would be well on her way to being fully supported (that's just one night at McDonalds, my friends! and it'll save you 1000 calories in your day!).

We have a duty as the Body of Christ to make this happen...seriously! He calls some to actually go into the field, and others to make that happen! Think about it - k?

I'll have an envelope at church on Sunday and at youth group next Wednesday - let's bless Tammy by helping send her to Detroit to be Christ's hands to the people she will come in contact with!!!


At 7:38 AM, Blogger Pastor Jim said...

Thank you so much! I had a huge poster in my hand to remind me to do that Wednesday and I left it in my chair and so I forgot to take an offering for Tammy. Right on! Let's send this servant to Detroit!!!


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