Thursday, March 23

Quick! If ya luv Jesus and want people to know...

...then go to:http:
click "the music"..."request a song" and then:

Your Name: your name obviously
Song Artist: mercyme
Song Title: I Can Only Imagine
Dedication: To all the people in the world who need to know God!

And then in the comments box you can put whatever, like "thanx!"

If all my friends do this, and you pass this on, maybe the song will be on the most requested cool would that be! i know that they have this song, so just do it! It doesnt hurt, and could only help! Luv ya much!

-alyssa sander

Friday, March 17

prayer request

hey there~

just got a call from my mom and a good family friend was involved in a car accident last night. his name is heath, i used to babysit him for years, he's not supposed to be old enough to's crazy! he was flight-for-lifed to greeley (the closest big hospital to my hometown) over night. he has broken his pelvis in numerous places, broken his jaw, and torn his liver among other more minor things. they are also watching for brain swelling.

please pray for his COMPLETE and MIRACULOUS HEALING. also pray for his family (mike, mary, abby, anne, heather, and anthony) as they go through this. they are an amazing family, and will run to God in the midst of this. pray that His love will surround them and give them peace - that they will praise Him in the midst of this storm.

thanks warriors!

Thursday, March 16

sinners un-anonymous

After a week reflecting on the fact that we're all addicts to our own "drug" of choice, i'm convinced that i want to one day provoke a movement (not another silly church business who's ultimate end is "budgets, bodies, & buildings"). If it needed a name, we'd called it "sinners un-anonymous", where there would be no more religous activity that would continue to promote the silly facades that we are super-spiritual, perfect models of human existence with no moral failures. It would be basically a 12-step program for everyone... where all of us admit our lack of ability to control our addiction to being in control and to pride: the tendency to view, and behave according to the viewpoint, that holds myself at the center of the universe and everyone else (including God) revolving around me.

yep, I'm in... it starts now.

"Hello, my name is Stacey Wisdom and I'm a SIN-AHOLIC... an addict to myself who is out-of-control trying to be IN control."

"God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change... Courage to change the things I can... and Wisdom to know the difference... Living one day at a time... Enjoying one moment at a time... Accepting hardship as the pathway to peace... Taking, as He did, this sinful world as it is, not as I would have it... Trusting that He will make all things right if I surrender to His will... That I may be reasonably happy in this life... And supremely happy with Him in the next. AMEN."

(now THAT would be CHURCH!)
written by my friend Rusty...

Tuesday, March 14

When i say Im a Christian im not shouting "Im clean livin" im whispering "i was lost" now im found and forgiven when i say Im a Christian i dont speak of this with pride im confessing that i stumble and need
Christ to be as my guide when i say Im a Christian im not tryin to be strong im professing that im weak and need his strength to carry on when i say Im a Christian im not braggin of success im admitting ive failed and need God to clean my mess

Thursday, March 9

hey all my people in the bclc youth group! haha! if you have something that you write and feel like you want to share it to the world, you can of course put it on here, and also, you can put it on the site I created, God Breathed and I Wrote! If you want to be a contributer to that, email me at! thanx...and by the way, check out some of the stuff i wrote, if you want to of course! :-) at! cool! cya all later!

Thursday, March 2

Miss Tammy Rubright!!

Hi friends!!
Many of you will remember a couple of Wednesdays back when Tammy told us about the mission trip she is going on over Spring Break. I want to encourage you each to think about giving to help support her in this! She isn't headed some place tropical for the typical Spring Break...she's going to be going about the FATHER'S business during her break! How cool is that - AND, you can help by financially supporting her! If everyone in our youth group gave just $5 she would be well on her way to being fully supported (that's just one night at McDonalds, my friends! and it'll save you 1000 calories in your day!).

We have a duty as the Body of Christ to make this happen...seriously! He calls some to actually go into the field, and others to make that happen! Think about it - k?

I'll have an envelope at church on Sunday and at youth group next Wednesday - let's bless Tammy by helping send her to Detroit to be Christ's hands to the people she will come in contact with!!!