Saturday, December 10

Down Time

Hey guys!!
I was a little bored this afternoon...(or was that procrastinating...not sure)...Anyway - I started looking at my friends' away messages on are a few of them:

"not sure how much longer i can keep doing this...sort of just want a hug and for it to all be done"

"I ain't got nobody that I can depend on."

"i'm not searching for the answers, i'm just searching for the truth"

"i wish my life didn't depend on this final"

So, I'm reading these and God just HIT ME with the realization of how people are just searching for Jesus - and many don't even know that it's Him they are searching for.

Kind of exciting to know that we have the answer, huh?! We found mercy - let's spread it to the world!!

ps...lovin' the rhymes Charlie! :-)


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