Thursday, January 5

What the.....

What the....
Has everybody gone insane???? Don't get me wrong, I just don't understand anything anybody says anymore. And it seems they don't understand anything I say either. Did everyone have a meeting without me. Someone needs to help me because I'm really close to killing someone and locking myself in my room and crying for like three days or something.

What the...
I really don't understand anything. I can't go anywhere without being judged anymore. Can anyone have a thought anymore without being shuned. I know what i posted before was about being thankful for trials, but i can't handel it anymore. Nooooooo. Is it the girls gettin to me. Or the family, or lack of it.

What the...
OK, that's it. I'm gonna go to bed and cry myself to sleep.


At 11:53 PM, Blogger Bryce said...

Hey Charlie,

Uh, you'd better not kill anyone or you're gonna have to answer to me...and Mark. Send me an email and tell me more about what you're going through - or call 430-2031.

You know what else? I like your honesty on Wednesday nights. It's good to reveal what you really think instead of hiding behind a mask of pretentiousness - however you spell that word. You're one of the more open people I've been around and I appreciate it...keep it up.

At 3:54 PM, Blogger bLoNDeJeSUsFreAk said...

o.k. so youve already read this...but i figured out how to put it on here, and i wrote this for you after reading this blog.

hush my baby
don’t you cry
Daddy’s going to sing you a lullaby
I know your problems, I know them all
but don't let the devil trip you and make you fall
just stay strong in all you do
and ill be sure to help you through
I gave my life so you could be free
of all the pain and the tears and the suffering
just lean on me when it hurts so bad
and ill protect you and heal you so it isn’t so sad
ill give you a crown and make you shine
so no one and nothing will touch you
you are mine
so wipe your face
and dry those tears
and don’t you worry
cause Daddy's here



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