Saturday, December 10


Ok this is not suppoused to be a poem or a song, but I have written it for you guys and for myself.

Right here,Right now
Art Thou
A part of this
Ain't it bliss
When we're all here
Cause it's near

The end times
That's why I write these rhymes
For all my friends and family
Shout out to my girl Emily
An even bigger one to my main man Matt
He's just got a way to put it down like that

To all my peeps in the BCLC
I know it's hard to be here every
Wednesday and Sunday
but you gotta admitt its bound to be a fun day

We do youth group,rec-nights,lock-ins, and missions trips
We're always there for one another, when the other slips
So I'll wrap up these rhymes, for i know they're God given
By thankin' Jesus Christ because of him I'm still livin'

Thanks for your time.


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