Tuesday, December 20

The End

No you guys, no message about the end of the world, yet. No, I'm not done writting things either. Just wait.

The End

So ya'll think my rhymes is sweet
But what's gonna happen when I get beat
Just knowin' I'll get knocked down
Still bring these words to you from the crown

Sittin here, they just come to me
If it wasn't for this you would not see
It's got a message just like The Passion
Since my party days when I was still stashin'

Away from all of my friends
Like a rope has two ends
One's secure with a peice of metal
Cause we got God, so we can settle

Down, take a nap for a while
All I wanna do is to see you smile
Don't eva wanna see you mad
He'll walk beside and guide you like a dad.

He'll help you out
Through thick and thin
The only one
Who can free you from sin

Sent his
One and only son
Who died on the cross
Now we can have fun

With the life
Renewed for us
The last thing
you should do is fuss

Claim him as
Cause with him
You don't need another

Thank you.


At 4:02 PM, Blogger bLoNDeJeSUsFreAk said...

wow charlie. remember, the pressures of the world will always follow you, but if youve chosen to leave those things like drugs and alcohol, then you cant look behind you. my favorite hymn was one i learned at church camp. it sang "the cross before me, the world behind me, no turning back, no turning back...though none go with me, still i will follow, no turning back...". Its sooooo mucho important to keep God the focus of all you attention, as you have in this poem/writing. "Keep on keepin on!" LOL! Because you're an inspiration, and God is preparing to do and and is doing something way totally awesome in your life! Im so excited! -alyssa


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