Thursday, November 3


I just wanted to thank ALL of you for being so awesome to Kayla last night!! I've been reading the postings about how, as a group, we sometimes struggle to bring in new people and help them feel welcome and accepted...but last night you all rocked!! Bringing new foster kids to church with me is sometimes difficult because I never know how they are going to feel, especially teenages who haven't ever gone to church before, but Kayla couldn't stop talking about how much she loved it! She thought the service was great and that all of you were awesome! Thank you all so much...she has lost a lot these last few months, and I know she has really missed having friends to talk to and just hang out with. made SUCH an impact on her! I don't think you all understand how loudly your lives speak to others about who God is...the way you live your life for God alone speaks louder than anything else, and that was so obvious to her! She's been begging to come back, but unfortunately I don't know if that will be possible now because she had to move today and isn't living in town, but we'll see what happens. I just wanted to thank all of you for being so awesome...I think you are the greatest youth group alive!!


At 1:11 PM, Blogger Charles Funkhouser said...

she lives here in lafayette again.


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