Saturday, November 12


agian i'd like to stress that us christians are really really like jedis. in some places we are presecuted, others feared, loved, and hated. we live our lives in a world of unbelief, sin of the charts, and temptation out the wazoo. but we all, even the lost, are all searching, searching for that real, face to face encounter that takes and drains all the faith, believe, knowlge, wisdom, everything. even though we've been saved and even baptised we still search, always searching, for meaning and prpose, humans, we need physical proof/encounter. its how everything goes now scince-need proof for that, math-reasoning, history-proof, anything! we are tmpted in EVERY choice we make even EVERY thought we have is filled with temptation, we can only take so much. like me i CANNOT WAIT any longer i want a career, a LIFE, a family (ok maybe not like THAT) , a consistent, active, whole, pure life with god, but im being held back, and i dont know what it id thats holding me back. lack of enjoyment, no serving myself before others, not praying enough, not believing enough, unstable family, poverty, not knowing where im going with my life, i just dont know. gosh it sounds like im going though my mid-life crisis at 14 instead of 41. lol but life doesnt stop and we have to keep going and hope we dont miss our stop, when we dont know what or where that stop is. i wanted to say thanks to ALL of you guys and gals for seriously changing my life around and i think something to live and strive for.


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