Friday, November 4

Here's What I Like About You . . .

A few weekends ago, all of us adult leaders gathered for a retreat. It was awesome! We ate like pigs, worshipped God, and prayed. One of my favorite moments was when we gathered around the fire for several hours and talked about you all as individuals. We began to share stories of each one of you. We bragged about you and your gifts and abilities. God began to open up our understanding of how much He has invested into your lives. It became so apparent to us that He has blessed us with an extraordinary group of young people with such unique and powerful gifts for the Body of Christ. So, at the risk of embarassing anyone, I am going to begin sharing some of those things about each of you. If you have anything encouraging you would like to add, please do. Okay, so let me pick on Cody Perkins. Wow! Where to begin with such a great guy. Cody it is so obvious that God has crafted you into a man after His heart. You possess a unique ability to encourage people with the simplest smile. Your warm and generous heart affect everyone around you. It seems clear to me that you are very hungry for God's Word and His presence. If I ever needed a TRUE and LASTING friend, you would be that friend. I've seen God use your hands to serve people tirelessly and quietly. I love it that you seek no attention or the approval of men. Thank you for what you bring to my life and the life of our youth group.


At 10:04 AM, Blogger Beth said...

Good preachin' Pastor! haha I would first of all like to agree with you Pastor Jim. We do have an amazing group of individuals in our youth group and everyone has something unique to offer this body of Christ. And Cody-I'm going to have to agree with Pastor Jim about you too. You are such an amazing man of God. You bring so much to our youth group Big C! Thanks for being such a servant! I may be older than you, but I look up to you and I learn from you constantly.

Furthermore, I wanna say thanks to all our youth group leaders! Without you guys, our youth group would be lacking!! You all are amazing and selfless leaders. Thanks for setting a good example and for always being there to talk to and encourage us! All of you!

I think it's awesome when people of Christ can come together and build each other up. You don't have to compliment someone on here, but I encourage you to tell someone (could even be someone you don't talk to all that much) something positive that you like about them. Let them know they're special and talented and it's not unnoticed.


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