Monday, November 28

Devotions ~ Tuesday 11/29

PROVERBS 13:16-22
v16 A wise man uses his understanding to act wisely.
A fool shows that he is stupid by his actions.
v17 A bad servant, who does not deliver a message, causes trouble.
But a responsible servant will deliver the message. Instead of worry, he gives health.
v18 If you refuse correction, then you will become poor. You will suffer shame.
If you accept correction, then people will respect you.
v19 It is good to receive what you desire.
Fools hate the idea that they should stop their evil behavior.
v20 If you walk with wise people, then you will become wise.
If fools are your friends, then you will suffer.
v21 Trouble is like an enemy who follows an evil man.
But the good man’s reward is success.
v22 A good man’s wealth provides for his grandchildren.
An evil man may store his wealth, but good men will benefit from it.

Verse 16
A wise person does not waste his knowledge. He loves knowledge, and he uses it well. He uses his knowledge to help other people. He uses his knowledge to stay safe. The wise man’s knowledge is like a workman’s tools. A fool has no understanding, so he makes the wrong decisions. Everyone can see this. Everyone realizes that this man is stupid.

Verse 17
If we are Christians, then we carry a message from God to the people of the world. This message is very important. We must always tell the truth. We must not keep God’s message as a secret. Our message, as Christians, is a good message. This message cures the spirits of men and women. This message will help people to know God. This message will protect them from evil plots. This message will teach the way to heaven. God loves the people from every country. He will forgive them, if they trust in him. These are all good things.

Verse 18
We are like soldiers in God’s army. We should learn discipline. Sometimes we make mistakes. God shows us that we are wrong. We must not refuse God’s correction. If we gladly accept God’s correction, then God will give honor to us.

Verse 19
When God blesses someone with good things, then that person is glad. The person is even happier if he has had to wait for these things. A fool is someone who refuses to respect God. He does not think to ask God for good things, because a fool hates God. The fool refuses to turn from evil, because he loves evil. A fool will not wait for good things. Instead, a fool wants evil things, now.

Verse 20
Choose your friends carefully! A person who is a friend of wise people, listens to them. Then, he learns from them, and he himself becomes wiser. In the same way, a friend of fools can suffer their troubles. If your friends do not love God, then think about this. You need to bring God’s message to your friends. You must refuse to do evil things, if they test you. You should also have wise, Christian friends. They will help you to become a strong Christian.

Verse 21
Trouble is like an enemy who follows an evil man. The enemy will catch the evil man and attack him. This means that an evil person will suffer his punishment. He cannot escape it.
But success is like a friend who follows a good man. The good man will succeed. God will make sure of this.

Verse 22
A good man’s success helps other people. He will be able to help his children. He will even be able to help his grandchildren. An evil man tries to copy this. He stores his money. He thinks that he is very wealthy. But he cannot benefit from his great wealth. When he dies, he will lose it all. In the end, everything belongs to God. See Luke 12:16-21.


At 11:38 AM, Blogger Torre said...

Hey!! I would just like to share that God cares so much about us. This morning, I forgot to set my alarm and God woke me up just in time to get ready! Please dont get to busy to stop and realize all of the little things that God does for us throughout the day!

At 10:04 PM, Blogger MamaCarlee said...

2 weeks ago I forgot to set my alarm, and Chas walked into my room the EXACT time we would usually wake up...that was the first (and only) tme she has woken up before me this whole school year! God is so amazing!!

At 12:36 PM, Blogger Charles Funkhouser said...

I just don't understand why we aren't suppoused to get tats and stuff. Are the body's not ours while we are here on earth. And when we go to heaven, are the bodies not renewed to a whole new one.

At 5:16 PM, Blogger CANT TUCH THIS said...

I'LL tell you why, because it says not to get tatoos in the bible, somewhere in Deuteronomy, but your body is your temple, and "tats" are desecrating it.

At 11:52 PM, Blogger CANT TUCH THIS said...

pardon-God's temple, not yours

At 8:43 PM, Blogger Nate said...

"I'LL tell you why, because it says not to get tatoos in the bible, somewhere in Deuteronomy" It also says not to eat pork. I'm not here to say one way or another, that's between you and God. However, I know a kid in a Bible Study I go to who has the reference to a verse in Romans tattooed on the inside of his bicep, is that desecrating the temple?


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