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These are two quotes I read in a book called The Barbarian Way. Both were quite thought provoking and challenging. "To have the Spirit of God dwelling within the heart of someone who chooses a domesticated faith is like having a tiger trapped within a cage. You are not intended to be a spiritual zoo where people can look at God in you from a safe distance. You are a jungle where the Spirit roams wild and free in your life."

And, "I'm happy to say that while Jesus can wonderfully make you healthy, He has no ambition to make you normal. The healthier you become, the freer you are to simply be yourself. the more your identity is rooted in God's value for you, the less you are controlled and limited by what others think of you."


At 7:00 AM, Blogger Stacey said...

That's awesome Bryce! I was doing some reading for class last night and came across this quote - it's from a psychologist named Eric Fromm... "The deep need of man is the need to overcome separateness, to leave the prison of his aloneness." Even non-believers recognize that we have a deep need to feel affirmed - the thing we have to get ahold of though, is that conforming to a group, or to what others what from us - will not fully provide the security we are so desparately seeking. ONLY GOD CAN PROVIDE THAT - whether that be through His people, His Word, His Spirit...notice these are all of HIM! Turning to someone else for what ONLY GOD CAN PROVIDE is a direct result of our believing one of Satan's biggest lies - that our self worth (or how we feel about ourselves) is made up of how we act or perform, and how other people feel about us. How sad it is that we buy into this (myself included!) and miss out on experiencing the incredible, accepting, unconditional love of our Father, our Abba! My prayer for all of us is that we will seek the approval of God as the basis of our self-worth. That we will overcome Satan's stupid lies and begin to value the CONTSTANT, unwavering approval of GOD over the conditional, changing approval of man!!
Love you guys!!

At 9:21 PM, Blogger MamaCarlee said...

Wow...good preachin pastor! Stacey, you so need a platform because God has just stirred up all sorts of good stuff within you and it needs RELEASED!!

At 1:41 PM, Blogger Mark said...

Hey Guys,

I thought that since we were sharing some quotes, I would share one that I read today that kind of woke me up.

"Fear is one of the most basic human motivations. It drives stock markets and fuels wars. Its unruly energies can be used for great harm or channeled for great good. Professional boxers are often told fear is their friend. Fear can make them better fighters. It keeps them alert. It sensitizes their determination. In the same way, God can use our fears and make us better fighters for his cause. Whenever we are afraid, we have the potential to do the impossible. Why? That which is impossible in our own strength is made possible with God’s help. Fear makes us more likely to forsake our own resources and rely on God instead. In this way, extreme fear can lead to extreme faith."

Do we have extreme faith?


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