Tuesday, October 4

Music 2

OK I feel so strongly about this that im putting it as a post now and not just a comment. I don't care about what kind of music i listen to. Im always gonna listen to rap and old school R&R. I don't care about what the "hidden messages" are in the music. I look at music as a form of expression. that's why i dont listen to country, it's all the same stuff, losin my wife, my truck, my dog. thats what i think. OK. We as man formed music so that we can convey how we feel to the whole world. so if you don't listen to most kinds of music, then why should we listen to you.PEACE


At 7:09 PM, Blogger Alicia Coon said...

ok, i am finally posting something. i would have to disagree with u charlie. yes music is a form of expression but i don't agree with their experssions. ur type of music is kinda like country. they talk about sex, love, drugs, all that jazz. i just don't think we should be filling out minds with that. basically u will still listen to music b/c it is expressing someone's feelings.right? why not listen to christian music? why listen to love/sex songs just b/c someone is letting their feelings out. also listening to music has nothing to do with what we have to say. just cause u don't listen to music doesn't mean that u shouldn't listen to someone. that has nothing to do with it. why can't feel just tell each other how they feel instead of trying so hard to figure out if it is ryhming or not. now u know what my thoughts are.

At 12:25 PM, Blogger Jaron said...

You guys are all wrong. I listen to music for the music, not the words. I could really care less what they are talkin about unless it is anti-God or something like that then i wont listen to it.

At 12:39 AM, Blogger Zakath said...

But Jaron you must realize something. Anytime a song is talking about immoral, sinful acts; it is anti-God. Yes, there are many songs that are just songs with no anti-God or pro-God message. There are songs made by Christians and non-Christians that do not favor one side or the other. But many songs in the world do come out for either the devil or God. Plainly and simply, a song doesn't have to mention God badly to be against him. When a song is in favor of sin or speaks of sin without being against it, then it is for the devil. If you truely like the music and don't care about the words, then get a copy of just the instrumental. What we allow ourselves to put in our minds is what the devil is pushing the most. Every time we think something is okay because it doesn't actually bash God specifically or outright, the devil gets closer to winning a mini-battle. Everything we put in ourselves eventually comes out in one form or another. If you put sinful lyrics in you, you put sinful ideas and thoughts in your mind, and from there they will become actions. Music by Christians may not always be the hip or cool thing but it keeps your mind on God's track and personally i know that is worth it. Just as a last comment that came to mind as i wrote this; why do we think we need to listen to those expressing themselves to be pro-sin? I'm not saying be closed minded or to not want to understand others. We need to try to understand so we may help. But there is a fine line between where we understand a person lost in sin because we listen and subject ourselves to the same influences and music, to the other side of the line where we are just the same as them and are trapped in sin too. We need to maintain our Christianity and let out light effect them, not waiver and become more like them so they may want to understand us. Remember this: The devil searches for cracks in our Christian life. Don't give him one so easy as what we willingly and happily listen to everyday.


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