Thursday, October 27

God's Ultimate Glory

Hey, I was at a church service tonight and I started thinking about how God is glorified. What I've written below is a combination of teachings I've heard from a Sunday school teacher in high school and John Piper, and hopefully the Holy Spirit.

Have you ever thought that God may have purposefully created us humans in His own image with no sin and given us the ability to choose between right and wrong, knowing that we would choose wrong - the ultimate and deepest fall, which deserves eternal condemnation?

God's perfection and holiness demands that it be set apart or glorified to the ultimate magnitude - nothing can be more glorified than perfectness. Here is how God receives the ultimate glorification. Through perfect and undeserved love given when Jesus sacrificed Himself for His own creation to make a way for once righteous but now condemned, imperfect people to be reunited with their supremely and ultimately perfect Creator who cannot have imperfectness in His presence.

God then, is most glorified when His creation, in an ultimate low of imperfection acknowledges its sin, repents and accepts Jesus's ultimate sacrifice of love (the only way to be reunited with God). This love brings His creation up as His adopted sons and daughters to share in His ultimate glorification for eternity!


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