Saturday, September 24

here we go again

So. It's my understanding that we're supposed to learn things that give us wisdom. So I heard this saying yesterday. The ignorant despise what is precious only because they don't understand it. I think this is totally true. But for you to understand the concept, you have to understand what is precious to you. I think that's why I don't understand god. Well, thanks for the time. PEACE


At 8:40 PM, Blogger Stacey said...

you got me thinking Charlie! do you guys think we ever really will understand God? i WANT to understand everything about Him, but i don't think i will ever fully comprehend who or what He maybe it's understanding WHY God is precious to us, rather than understanding Him - if that makes any sense...don't get me wrong! i think through deepening our relationship and intimacy with Him, He gives us revelation as to who He is - but to every fully understand Him, I don't know if we can....I guess that's part of faith, trusting in what we don't know about Him...yet still considering Him precious to us...hmmmm


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